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Well, I'm Brian. I'm 20, and I go to UCI. And I'm not too good with these...self description things, so I'm gonna stop before I make a fool of myself. Follow me if you want. If you don't...then oh well. Haha. Yeah, I'm stopping. XD


26 July 14


Press Play


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16 July 14


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13 July 14

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29 June 14


"Find what you love to do. Learn all aspects of it. Do it better than anything else you can do in life. And find a use you can use it to help people or enrich their lives."

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21 June 14


Sam Smith | 'How Will I Know' (Whitney Houston Cover)

There is literally nothing wrong with this live cover of Whitney’s classic ‘How Will I Know’. If you thought you knew that song, think again because Sam Smith just did what he does best and totally transformed this upbeat pop tune into a stunning ballad. It’s a night and day difference and I couldn’t love it more!

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9 June 14

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8 June 14

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17 May 14


A Lovely Sunny Day | Zachary Levi and Bert From Sesame Street

Zachary Levi and Sesame Street’s Bert know that a day in the park doesn’t need a filter. Take a walk with them on this lovely sunny day!

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27 April 14



Art by Cyril Rolando

I feel like this really expresses each instrument.

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23 March 14


Best Glee moment of all time tbh

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh